Nebletts Services

Nebletts Frames offers a selection of over 350 wood mouldings for your custom framing needs. The
great thing about custom framing is that we can make a custom frame any size to make it fit your needs.
We also offer shadow box framing for jerseys or any other type of memorabilia. All of our custom
frames are manufactured right here in Jackson, Mississippi by experienced employees of Nebletts.

Custom Framing

Nebletts stocks over 350 wood mouldings to choose from for your custom framing needs. We are
constantly monitoring home furnishing fashion trends and bringing in new mouldings. We sell only the
best quality wood mouldings and, with our buying power, can offer these high quality mouldings at
prices lower than anyone else in the area. We also offer a full line of metal frame mouldings and can
custom fit these metal frames to meet your needs.

The experience that our salespeople have can be very beneficial to you in choosing the right frame. We
don’t just sit back and take your order – We will help you design the frame and mat to meet your needs
and make sure you leave knowing that you received the best in customer service.

Ready Made Frames

Not everyone needs a custom frame. We carry a large selection of ready made frames in many standard
sizes. From the most traditional and ornate to the smaller “Nebletts” frames, we can meet your ready
made frame needs. As with our custom framing, we are constantly meeting with our suppliers to keep
up with the most current home d├ęcor trends for our ready made frames.

Painted Frames and Barnboards

Colors! Colors! Nebletts carries a wide variety of standard size distressed frames in a variety of colors.
We also carry unpainted distressed frames that can be custom painted to match your room colors.
Nebletts also has a wide line of barnwood frames in standard sizes. These frames are made from real
barnwood from Northeast Arkansas and come in a variety of sizes and tones.

Shadow Box Framing

Jerseys, baby shoes, golf memorabilia, etc. etc. etc. These are just some of the examples of
items that we can design a frame for you. Shadow boxes are a great way to display a family heirloom or
memoralize an important event in your life. If it can be preserved in a frame, Nebletts has the ability to
do it.


Mats can be very important to many types of framed art. Nebletts offers dozens of mat colors and
designs that can accent the colors in your art work or match your wall paint. Nebletts also offers a wide
variety of multi-opening mats and specific mat designs.

Glass Options

Glass is not just glass anymore! There are a variety of options with glass these days ranging from regular
commercial glass to conservation and museum quality glass. We can help you in your design to choose
the right type of glass for your project.

Other Services

We also offer a variety of other services, such as shadowbox design, multi-opening matting, and shrink
wrapping. Nebletts also has a large number of gift items and prints in stock.